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Deb Nystrom Presents on “Bullying at Work”

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Deb Nystrom, an independent consultant, executive coach, and political thriver after decades of learning on the job on how to use positive political skills in the workplace to deal with negative behaviors, presented on “Bullying at Work” at the Ann Arbor CIL last Friday.  She captivated the audience with her savvy insight on how to take action in various workplace situations.  Attendees learned and discussed what can make a difference in using positive political skills at work in dealing with a variety of bully behaviors.

This topic does not get enough attention and is certainly a real life issue that deserves to be discussed openly among peer support groups. Research continues to shed light on what is effective in dealing with bully behavior, which includes everything from the typical physical or threatening bullying to the damaging effects of emotional bullying.  If you would like more details on this subject, Deb is an entrepreneur and a facilitator of group coaching, peer learning and peer networks to build communities that can help manage change in a fast, social media charged life.  Visit her website for more information:

If you missed the session, please feel free to view the slideshow presentation on Deb’s blog:

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