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The first ‘Better Together’ garden planning meeting of 2012

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

-      Les Brown

To garden is to cultivate relationships.   Through the gardening process, one becomes more familiar with the earth; with oneself; and with being part of a community. For example, through growing food, one can have a more intimate relationship with what they eat; through planting seeds one can grow plants that will benefit a wide variety of people for many years. Thus, it is around the theme of relationship building, that we are organizing our community garden this year.

In 2011, much of the gardening season was focused on the expansion of our gardening space. Therefore, it is only fitting, that our vision now becomes more clearly focused on how this space can best serve you.  We would like to invite all interested community members to participate in a conversation about the development of our community garden and the subsequent programming for the 2012 season.

The garden planning meeting will be on March 5, 2012 from 1 – 2:30 pm at the Ann Arbor CIL in conference room A.  Discussion topics include:

1)       An introduction to the Ann Arbor CIL gardening program.

2)      Creating a shared vision for the upcoming season.  Here, we will be discussing questions like how can the ‘Better Together’ garden best serve you? What classes would you like to see offered? How would you like to contribute to the ‘Better Together’ garden?

3)      Gardening logistics. Here, points of discussion will include questions like, what types of plants do we want in the garden? Do we want to buy our plant transplants or do we want to start them from seeds? Will our plots be for community use or personal use?

4)      The 2011 gardening season. Discuss your experiences and what you think needs to be improved for the 2012 season.

Please come and be a part of the conversation. One does not have to have any previous gardening experience to have a voice in the planning process.

For more information and/or to RSVP for the meeting contact Ava HaberkornHalm (Sports and Recreation Coordinator) at 734-971-0277 x-55, or at

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