We had our first ‘Introduction to Vermiculture’ class!


Last Tuesday, the 15th, the Ann Arbor CIL welcomed Master Composter Joet Roma of Project Grow, and Master Vermiculturist Jesse Raudenbush of Starr Valley Farms. These two experienced gardeners taught the… Read more ›

Introducing the “Better Together” Community Garden’s Vermiculture system!

What is vermiculture?

Vermiculture is an all organic process of using red worms, to decompose yard, food and paper waste, into rich bi-products, which are then used as an organic fertilizer… Read more ›

The Ann Arbor Learning Community came over to help us start our indoor planting initiative!


On November 26th, approximately 20 fourth and fifth graders from the Ann Arbor Learning Community visited the Ann Arbor CIL.  The students all listened quietly as we discussed disability… Read more ›


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