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The Ann Arbor Learning Community came over to help us start our indoor planting initiative!

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013


On November 26th, approximately 20 fourth and fifth graders from the Ann Arbor Learning Community visited the Ann Arbor CIL.  The students all listened quietly as we discussed disability etiquette; and they all loved riding on our hand cycle trainer when we toured our inclusive fitness center.

Then around 1pm, the ‘Better Together’ community gardeners  arrived, and we all went into the garden to begin planting seeds into containers. The students were divided into groups of four, and each group got to pick the seeds they wanted to plant.   The students ended up planting about five containers for us.  After the students left, our community gardeners  finished planting the last couple containers.

Thank you to the students of the Ann Arbor Learning Community for a GREAT TIME!

If you want to get involved in our winter gardening activities, contact Ava HaberkornHalm at

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