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We had our first ‘Introduction to Vermiculture’ class!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013


Last Tuesday, the 15th, the Ann Arbor CIL welcomed Master Composter Joet Roma of Project Grow, and Master Vermiculturist Jesse Raudenbush of Starr Valley Farms. These two experienced gardeners taught the  introductory class in a series of vermiculture  (worm composting) classes that will be offered at the Ann Arbor CIL. These classes are the educational and experiential  component of our newly acquired vermiculture system.

During the first class, participants learned everything from the basics of backyard composting to  vermiculture terminology and worm anatomy.  Near the end of the class, participants had a chance to inspect and handle red wiggler worms in the bedding that could be typically found in a worm bin.  The maintenance and care of the Ann Arbor CIL vermiculture system was also ‘graded’ by the two teachers at this time. I am proud to announce that although we are still amateur vermiculturists, our worm bin received a B+ grade.

If you are interested in attending future vermiculture classes, please  continue to check the Sports and Recreation calender, as the dates and times of the classes are still to be determined.  You can also email the gardening coordinator at to be added to our community garden email list.

Thanks Joet and Jesse for teaching the community about the wonderful world of vermiculture!

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