How to Write the Perfect Combination Resume


Getting the job of your dreams often begins with writing the perfect resume. This is as true if it’s the first job you ever apply for, as it is for those of you returning to work after a career break due to illness or accident. Creating your resume is a golden opportunity to make a first impression that leaves your potential employers eager to get you into the interview room. Don’t let that chance go to waste.

When you’re ready to write your resume, there are a few details you need to consider. First of all, there are three main resume formats:

  • Chronological – this is where you list your experience and past roles in chronological, date order
  • Functional – a resume in this format focuses more on your specific skills and how you gained them.
  • Combination – this one allows you to highlight skills that are relevant to the job you’re applying for, while also including a chronological list detailing your past roles and experience.

A combination resume offers the best of both worlds. Impress potential employers with a list of bullet points outlining your key skills, but then in additional detail, you can elaborate on your experience and give a clear picture of your history and what motivates you. Take a look at this detailed guide for further information on writing the perfect combination resume.

– Jackie Edwards

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