Accessibility Access Keys

All top level navigation links can be accessed through access keys on your keyboard. The keyboard shortcut tends to differ between platform and web browser, here are but a few techniques:

  • Microsoft’s Internet Explorer: Press ALT + access key and then press enter.
  • Opera: Press SHIFT + ESC to toggle and then the access key
  • Mozilla / Firefox: Press SHIFT + ALT + access key
  • Apple Macs: press OPT + CTRL + access key

The access keys available on all pages are as follows:

  • Access Key for Home Page: H
  • Access Key for Who We Are: W
  • Access Key for People: P
  • Access Key for News: N
  • Access Key for Calendar: E
  • Access Key for Directors: D
  • Access Key for Contact Us: C
  • Access Key for Programs menu: O
  • Access Key for Accessibility: A

Extra Links

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