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Anna Dusbiber – AACIL Peer Mentorship Program Coordinator and Youth Services Manager

Ms. Dusbiber serves as Youth Services Manager at the Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living. Anna co-founded the Ann Arbor CIL’s Youth Services Program thirteen years ago. As manager, Anna communicates with participants, recruits volunteers, and plans and implements events. Anna also provides unique and individualized supports to families and youth as they strive to navigate transition to young adulthood. For example, a milestone addressed could be the transition from school to college, or home life to living independently in the community. The Youth Services Program offers classes, a support group, and hosts field trips. For the last thirteen years, Anna has served as a mentor to youth. She is certified as a peer consultant by the Ann Arbor CIL and often speaks at conferences and local events on behalf of the Ann Arbor CIL.

Ms. Dusbiber is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University (magna cum laude), earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Communication and Management. She is currently in pursuit of a Master’s of Social Work, with a concentration in Children and Family Services.

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