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Alysa Mohr no longer works for the Ann Arbor CIL.

As Manager of the IL Coaching team, and an IL Coaching Specialist, Alysa is responsible for administering and overseeing many of the programs at the CIL that help individuals overcome problems with basic life needs. She, along with the rest of the IL Coaching team, help individuals with a wide variety of issues, such as housing, budgeting, transportation, and communication, that can get in the way of an individual's achieving independence.

Alysa also coordinates the statewide Personal Assistance Reimbursement for Employment Program (PASREP), which helps individuals throughout Michigan be more successful at work by getting connected to personal assistance services. Alysa began working with the Ann Arbor CIL in 2001 as a Nursing Facility Transition Specialist and continues to shape the program and its impact helping individuals get out of nursing homes and achieve independent community living.

Prior to joining the CIL, Alysa was the manager of two transitional housing programs for homeless people, served as a Supports Coordinator for people with developmental disabilities, and also worked as a Shift Coordinator at a rehabilitation agency for individuals with closed head injuries. Alysa also worked for many years as a personal assistant (PA) for individuals with disabilities and managed services at a PA provider agency.

Alysa received her Master of Social Work degree in 2008 from Eastern Michigan University and received her Bachelors in Social Work also from EMU in 1995.

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February 2011

Alysa Mohr

Alysa Mohr


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