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Cherri Buijk no longer works for the Ann Arbor CIL.

As an Americorps VISTA, Cherri provides valuable help to our Arts and Gardening programs. She helps create classes, plans events, and works with people as they take advantage of the many great activities and events we have to offer.

Cherri says she is honored to be a part of a community that is living and learning richly together - by being outdoors, by making art, and eating food - together.

In the future, some of Cherri's goals include: building a house, re-domesticating lab rats, growing vegetables that groundhogs won’t eat, and writing things that people will enjoy. She also has a great sense of humor and says, "there’s a good chance I’ll laugh at all of your jokes."

Cherri recently graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in English and History.

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Cherri Buijk

Cherri Buijk


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