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Eleanor Chang is a licensed Master-level social worker whose role at Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living is as an Information and Assistance Specialist. She received her Masters degree from The University of Michigan School of Social Work.

Eleanor considers her foray into the social work field to be quite accidental (she was a third-year medical student when she was in a serious car accident, and acquired multiple injuries).

When working with clients and with consumers, Eleanor sometimes draws on her science background and also on her natural empathy as a person with an acquired disability. She also has especial empathy for persons whose capacities and whose lives change in the blink of a moment (often because of an unintended and/or unplanned for event), and is deeply committed to the welfare of all informal caregivers of persons with disabilities.

Eleanor is a firm believer in self-advocacy but recognizes that sometimes there are barriers which impede goal attainment; such barriers may stem from one’s medical and/or mental health conditions, but may also arise from deficits in policy (which can be said to reflect attitudes). She is especially passionate in the education of health professionals and with other service providers who interact regularly with members of the disability community.

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