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Melissa McPherson no longer works for the Ann Arbor CIL.

Melissa McPhersonworks with the sports and recreation program developing and implementing inclusive leisure activities. These activities range from creative arts classes like poetry and scrapbooking to social activities like potlucks or movie nights. As part of her work she also researches and writes grants to fund new programs. She also helps develop and coordinate programming for career services.

Melissa received a BA from Grand Valley State University in 2005 with a Major in Creative Writing and a Minor in English. While at college she was on the board of the Organization for the Advancement of Disabled Students (OADS) and helped to spur a program of Advocacy and Awareness which made the campus more accessible to the students and staff with disabilities. She began working at the CIL in 2006 as an Americorps VISTA. She was attracted to the idea of working at the CIL because as a child and teenager she had seen many of her friends struggle with reaching their full potential as a result of their attitude and the attitudes of the people around them. She wanted to help other people with disabilities realize that they were capable of anything they put their mind to.

In her free time Melissa likes to quilt and take photographs. She also loves spending time camping with her fiancé during the summer and talking to her dogs and three cats as if they were human… her sanity has yet to be determined.

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Melissa McPherson

Melissa McPherson


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