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Tom Hoatlin no longer works for the Ann Arbor CIL.

Since 1995 Tom Hoatlin has served as the Director of Development for the Ann Arbor CIL and was named Vice President in 2012. Certified in Fund Raising Management by Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy, he directs all Ann Arbor CIL fundraising, marketing, sales and public relations activities with an emphasis on benefactor cultivation and acquisition, campaign management, special event planning and social media - networking.

He has served as the Director of the Ann Arbor CIL's Access Magazine and Directory of Community Resources. Responsibilities include rospect acquisition and advertising sales, and the management content support, and graphic design and production management.

Mr. Hoatlin serves as the Spinal Cord Injury Support Program Manager and coordinates a collaborative program with the University of Michigan Hospital’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. As a peer, he manages a Mentoring Program that teaches an Independent Living curriculum with hospital rehabilitation staff. This program also matches people with spinal cord injuries that share real life experience, resources and emotional support with new patients and their families preparing to return to their communities.
Tom is the Chair of the Spinal Cord Injury Advisory Board for the SCI Model System office within the Department of PMR. This board is made up of Physicians, Clinicians, Professionals and Peer mentors and advises the project on proposed research projects, grant opportunities, collaborations, website and material content, service delivery and special events.

Tom facilitates a monthly spinal cord injury support group at Special Tree Rehabilitation.

He also serves as a consultant to business and industry on disability issues as they affect the accessibility of facilities and programs, legal compliance and an expertise on Disability Awareness and Sensitivity Training.

Mr. Hoatlin serves on the Inclusive Fitness Advisory Board at NuStep, Inc., a local company that manufactures an all-inclusive cross trainer elliptical exercise machine for people with and without disability.

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Tom Hoatlin

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