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Do you need a high-quality gift for your next big event?

Do you want to support an important social mission to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities through your purchase?

Michigan Gifts is a social mission-driven business enterprise designed to create sustainable, well-paying jobs for individuals with disabilities who have the skills, talents, and intellect to do great work.

By purchasing Gourmet Gift Baskets and Floral Arrangements for your next holiday or special occasion through Michigan Gifts, you will receive first-class customer service while being part of an important social mission to create jobs and improve the lives of individuals with disabilities in our community.

Michigan Gifts is a joint enterprise initiative between the Ann Arbor CIL and Rodnick, Co., maker of gourmet fruit and gift baskets, based in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

As the initiative develops, our goal is to create a marketing, production, and distribution center staffed by a majority of people with disabilities at the Ann Arbor CIL.  Through this initiative, we will provide training, meaningful jobs, and on-going support to individuals with disabilities so we can together experience personal achievement, raise our skills, and fully utilize our abilities.

At Michigan Gifts, our aim is to show that in business, the best way to do right is by doing good. Profits earned by Michigan Gifts are used to help fund the classes, events, and supports offered to individuals with disabilities at the Ann Arbor CIL.

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MichiganGifts.Org Launches: Preview Link

Order your favorite gift basket, fruit basket, treat tower or tin today and help support the Ann Arbor CIL.

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