Children & Youth Mentoring Program

Open for youth ages 14-21, our Mentoring Program fosters enriching experiences out in the community for youth and adults to get to know one another.  Mentors and Mentees talk about the reality of adult life with a disability and share fun activities.  Mentors encourage positive choices, promote high self-esteem, support academic achievement, and introduce the young person to new ideas. Most of all, mentors help young adults tackle challenges related to a disability and learn how to live a full, happy, and successful life with a disability!  We match each young person with an adult of the same gender and disability whenever possible.

For more information on our Mentoring Program, contact Anna Dusbiber Gossage by email at anna@aacil.orgor by phone at 734-971-0277 x17.

Our Youth Mentoring program is part of the Washtenaw Youth Mentoring Coalition, which includes 37 member-organizations!


If you are a young adult interested in signing up for a mentor, fill out the Mentoring Program Application (for young adult).


We need caring adults with disabilities to volunteer as mentors!  If you are an adult with a disability, and want to help a young adult master the skills for a full and independent life, contact us!

The program is rewarding, fun, and enjoyable for mentors.  We provide training and support to mentors so you feel ready to help when you meet up with your mentee.

Prospective mentors must complete a request form, undergo a screening process, and complete training.

  1. Please fill out the attached Mentoring Application (for adult).
  2. Please fill out the attached Mentoring Program Background Check.

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