Children & Youth Summer Youth Advocacy Program

Every summer, the Ann Arbor CIL holds an 8-week long program to help young people put the Americans with Disabilities Act (or, “ADA”) into action!

Students learn about the ADA at the Ann Arbor CIL and then go on field trips around the community to test how well area businesses and facilities adhere to the law.  Students assess the widths of doors, measure the angles of ramps, and test a variety of other accessibility factors that affect people with disabilities.

When students identify accessibility issues, they learn how to effectively share learned information with business owners, managers, and legislators, and advocate for change.  By the end of the summer, our students have gained information about the rights of individuals with disabilities, formed a better relationship with the community, and advocated for positive changes for people with disabilities!

Our students have evaluated facilities at the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Zingerman’s Bakehouse Complex, the Ann Arbor District Library, and others.

To learn more about this year’s Summer Youth Advocacy Program, contact Anna Dusbiber.

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