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In times of crisis, disabled and chronically ill people* are often invisible or forgotten. Yet we often have deeply embodied skills that allow us to connect and survive, even thrive, in these times.

The Ann Arbor CIL, together with U-M Assistant Professor, Dr. Shanna Kattari have put forth a call for creations of writing, art, and more, to allow our communities to share their stories about how we, disabled and chronically ill individuals, survive and thrive in the time of coronavirus and COVID19.

We welcome and encourage your submissions. For more information, visit:

*A Note About Language: The Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living is and has been a long-time supporter of person-first language (i.e. person with a disability). However, we also recognize that language changes with time and there are many people with disabilities/disabled people who now prefer to use identity-first language. This post was written in collaboration with Dr. Shanna Kattari using identity-first language because of these changing dynamics. Whether you prefer person-first language or identity-first language what is important is that you are addressed in the way that you choose and that it is done respectfully. For more information on this topic start here: