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During the coronavirus pandemic, the CIL is working tirelessly to meet the elevated needs in our community. People with disabilities are facing limitations on services, lack of access to food and transportation, housing shortages, and reductions in education supports. And through all this, we are experiencing deep isolation while staying safe and social distancing.

Through safe and contact-free ways, at the CIL we are assisting individuals to preserve their housing, access food, find transportation, reach healthcare services, obtain essential education supports, and more. And most meaningfully, we are fostering connections with family and friends in safe ways.

In our fight for true inclusion for people with disabilities, we need your support to strengthen our work, serve more people, and bring about change.

This season, be sure to include the Ann Arbor CIL in your giving plans. Gifts, no matter how small or large, make a tremendous difference to the work we do.

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