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With snow and cold temps these days, it can be difficult for many of us. If you need help with anything winter weather related, give us a call. To stay safe, remind yourself of important, basic precautions to follow, such as the ones list below. We’ve also gathered a few resources which may be helpful.

  1. Homes – Check your furnace and repair any drafts or insulation problems you may have. Contact the Washtenaw Weatherization program if you need help paying for any of these.
  2. Smoke detectors and Carbon monoxide detectors – Make sure you have each of these and that they have fresh batteries and have been tested recently.
  3. Autos – Make sure you have plenty of gas in your car, there are no obvious engine problems that could leave you stranded, and you have a good ice scraper and shovel.
  4. Wheelchairs – If you use a wheelchair, make sure it is tuned up, the tires are in good shape, and your battery is properly charged. Consider getting snow tires.
  5. Clothing – Wear layers and make sure you have a good coat, hat, and gloves. If you have circulation issues, consider carrying disposable heating pads.
  6. Prepare for a power outage – Have a plan in place in case your power and heating go out. Know whom to call in case of emergency, stock nonperishable foods, and have a plan for powering any essential medical equipment.
  7. Protect your service dog – If you have a service dog, make sure he or she is warm enough, and avoid walking on salt-covered pathways. Salt can be dangerous and uncomfortable for dog paws.
  8. Community resources – Explore more community winter resources that may be available to you. Check out the list of winter resources below.

If you’re experiencing any issues related to the cold or snow, please give us a call. We can help you figure out how to solve the challenge you’re facing.


Winter Resources


Washtenaw County winter weatherization program: Help with repairing furnaces, windows, insulation, and more for qualifying individuals.

Food Pantries in Washtenaw County

Shelter programs in Livingston County: Call the OLHSA Emergency shelter at 248-520-9673

Shelter programs in Washtenaw County:  Call Housing Access of Washtenaw County at 734-961-1999. If it is after 5pm, go to the Delonis Center or call 734-662-2829.

Day shelters are provided at rotating locations. January locations include:

First Baptist Church, 517 E Washington St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Learning Resource Center, 4135 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48108

If you are seeking day shelter on the weekend, please call 734- 662-2829 to be given the most up to date information.