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Karen Meints – Disability Awareness Workshop (DAW) Coordinator


The CIL DAW workshops teach students through hands-on activities and presentations how difficult and complex daily living can be for people with disabilities and also how innovative and resourceful they can be to find solutions so that they can accomplish daily tasks and lead successful, happy lives.

Karen is trained as a registered nurse and an occupational therapist. Earlier in her career, she worked mainly with individuals with learning disabilities who had multiple and complex physical and health needs in Devon and East London, England. Most of her work involved visiting people in their homes and places of work or school and working with families and individuals to find solutions to enable individuals to lead their chosen lifestyle.

After moving to the U.S. in 2002, Karen volunteered to coordinate the DAW at her children’s school and then assisted parent DAW volunteers in all the Ann Arbor elementary schools for a number of years.

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