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Mark Hymes – Program Coordinator

Mark HymesBased in Howell, Mark coordinates all-inclusive activities for young adults ages 14-26.  He also works on program research and development, conducting data analysis and program research, as well as developing concepts and relationships throughout the community as the Livingston CIL grows.Mark’s involvement with the AACIL started in the mid-2000s, when he was a John Weir Scholarship recipient as well as volunteer mentor for disability awareness programs.  He is now extremely active throughout the community, serving on the Ann Arbor Host Lions Club Board, the Livingston county Transportation Coalition’s Steering Committee, the Livingston county Abilities Alliance, and the Michigan Council for the Blind and Visually Impaired.Living his entire life with retinitis pigmentosa, Mark earned a BA from Albion College.  In 2017, Mark started his own business as a success coach and motivational speaker, helping people with disabilities discover their passions to find fulfillment with what they do!




Bogey Hymes is also a hardworking contributor for the CIL. He joins Mark at all activities and can regularly be found helping to find doors, pathways, and people. He loves a nice dish of water at every meeting and generally offers a lot of cuteness wherever he goes.  |  517-225-2870


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