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Community Advocacy and Inclusion

At the CIL, our goal is to promote livable communities that are truly inclusive for everyone.Our advocacy efforts span local, state and national issues to stand up for what people with disabilities need and improve our quality of life. In everything we do, we seek increased equality of opportunity for people with disabilities and full participation in all of life’s activities. Livable and disability-friendly communities maximize our independence, assure our safety and security, promote our inclusiveness, and provide us with choices.

Disability Community Action Lab (DCAL)

Care about important issues facing our community? Join us for our Disability Community Action Lab, or DCAL. DCAL is a group where like-minded community members come together to identify issues, seek out information, and take action to make a difference. We also can educate and guide individual citizens to take action on an issue they feel is important to them. DCAL is a group where everyone is empowered to take action!

For information on upcoming meetings, contact, visit the DCAL website, or sign up for the advocacy newsletter!

Collective Advocacy with Community Leaders

CIL staff members also communicate with community leaders about collective issues that are important to people with disabilities. Examples of how our voices have made a difference include:

  • Impacting the drafting of state legislation regarding housing accessibility requirements
  • Promoting greater access at voting facilities
  • Increasing curb ramp and sidewalk safety
  • Promoting improved access to public transportation
  • Connecting students with needed special education services
  • Expanding accessible recreation at parks

If you know of an important issue collectively impacting people with disabilities, give us a call. We’d like to hear from you about what’s most important for people with disabilities. Together we can take action to advocate for a more inclusive community for all.