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Training and Consulting on Disability Issues

The Ann Arbor CIL is a trusted name in providing businesses, entertainment venues, schools, colleges and universities, and healthcare providers throughout Southeast Michigan with education, training, and resources on disability issues.

We offer a variety of training and consulting services to help you make your business more disability-friendly, so that you can make your place of business more welcoming for individuals with disabilities. We can also help you navigate technical requirements of the ADA and better understand the law to keep your business or organization in compliance.

People with disabilities are the fastest growing minority in the country, and the need for our assistance is ever increasing. As people with disabilities ourselves, we know first-hand what it means to live and work with a disability.

Disability Awareness & Sensitivity Trainings

Whether you serve customers, have employees, or perhaps are not aware of hidden disabilities among your clientele, this training is for you!

We offer our Disability Awareness & Sensitivity Training presentations to groups large and small. In our dynamic and fun presentation, learn how to better serve constituents with disabilities and make sure your business is disability-friendly. Through real-life story-telling and multi-media training, learn how to:

  • Understand visible and invisible disabilities
  • Anticipate disability issues
  • Appropriately interact with people with disabilities
  • Speak and write correctly about people with disabilities
  • Recognize architectural barriers that prevent people with disabilities from using or enjoying your business.

We also discuss the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it affects you, so that you can have a strong understanding of disability rights and be a part of implementing the goals of inclusion.

The presentations are fun, informative, and filled with practical solutions for everyday circumstances. Most of all, they help to dispel common myths people have about people with disabilities and reduce attitudinal and architectural barriers that continue to exist in today’s society.

Our Disability Awareness Etiquette Information Sheet provides a small sampling of some of the things we share through our presentations.

ADA Compliance

Navigating the rules of the American’s with Disabilities Act can seem daunting and overwhelming. Especially with recent changes to this landmark law, getting in touch with the right information is important.

Through our in-depth knowledge of the ADA and what it means for businesses and facilities that serve the public, we can help you make sure your place of business is disability-friendly. We work closely with you to make sure you understand what the ADA means for your organization, and we help you figure out how to take the right steps to improve the usability of your place of business.

Our philosophy is that improving facilities for people with disabilities is not about doing what’s mandated by the law, it’s about doing what makes the most sense for people both with and without disabilities who use your facility. We show how implementing small, disability-friendly changes at your place of business can improve things for everyone, and ultimate improve your bottom line.
And more!

We also offer training and consulting on a variety of other needs to suit your business, including:

  • Service Animal Awareness and Guidelines: Learn how to appropriately act around service animals and welcome them as a part of your business.
  • Reporting and Writing about People with Disabilities: Learn how to speak appropriately about people with disabilities to foster a straightforward, positive view of people with disabilities and avoid an insensitive portrayal that reinforces common myths and is a form of discrimination. Learn about appropriate terminology and learn overall do’s and don’ts for writing about people with disabilities. For some helpful guidelines, check out this Guidebook compiled by the University of Kansas.