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Stronger Together: Campaign for the Community

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We’re Stronger With You.

These past few months have been like no other. No matter our circumstances, the coronavirus pandemic has upended life as we once knew it.

New Challenges and Urgent Needs

Through these remarkable times, the CIL has continued to do what we do best: bring people together, solve problems, and make the community stronger. We have cut through red tape to help individuals obtain unemployment compensation. We have found rental assistance for those in jeopardy of losing their homes. We have helped parents of children with disabilities, at home with no school supports, find resources and positive activities for their families. We have advocated against things like medical rationing and restrictions on the ability to make informed choices in the healthcare context. And we have brought enjoyment and levity for people through online movie groups, trivia, and “do it at home” art programs.

Read more about our work during the coronavirus pandemic by clicking here.

Looking Ahead

We’re now redefining what our services become, as we, along with the rest of the community, embark on a collective “new normal.” This new normal comes with a lot of uncertainties; we may face dramatic changes to our funding sources while encountering increased needs in our community.

We know that people with disabilities are now more isolated than before. We know that people with disabilities have fewer community services available than before. And we know that people with disabilities have greater financial hardship than before.

We’re here to counteract that. We must and will continue to provide high-quality, effective, and impactful services that empower the lives of people with disabilities and bring about a more inclusive community for all. Whatever the challenges may be.

Redefining the Future

That’s why we’re developing new programs for affordable housing, increasing our networks within public assistance programs, expanding our small business program, creating new peer meet up groups, and expanding ways we can provide services virtually, even for people who have little or no access to technology.

We are doing this amidst an uncertain financial future. But we know one thing:

We are stronger together. We are stronger with you.

We urge you to consider joining our efforts to forge the future for people with disabilities in our community.

Contact us directly at or 734-971-0277 to discuss your gift, or make a donation online now: